Sunday, April 15, 2012

Why purchase a Zen Garden??

Because everyone needs some time to relax and play, simply get away.Our Hand Crafted Zen Gardens are fun for all ages. Experience peace and tranquiltiy while decorating, raking or running your hands through the sand.Also a great conversation piece and great for the Home or Office. Each garden comes with a beautiful natural or cherry stain, a matching rake, beach white sand and decorative rocks. WE offer TEN sizes from our True Mini Zen which is 3 inch by 3 inch, all the way up to 2 feet by 2 feet. Customized themes and colors are also available ( prices vary ). We do ANY theme!! We ship safely and securely ANYWHERE!! Because we custom make all of our zen gardens to the precise specifications of each and every order, and we do it all by hand, please allow 7 to 14 days for processing orders ( also due to high volume of orders!! ). Thank you for your patience!! WE WANT TO DELIVER TOP NOTCH QAULITY TO EVERYONE TOO!! Thank you,
Mark and Donna

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